Friday, November 30, 2012


And face your boundaries
To the noise in your head
The foul odours around you
And spit it out again
And feel nothing

Annihilate the senses
This world is an illusion


Thursday, November 15, 2012


These photographs are part of the "(Im)mortality" series which mainly deals with the “memento mori” theme. Photographs are typically used as a way of reliving the past and remembering the deceased. In a certain sense the photographic medium can be seen as a “weapon” against the ephemeral and the ever-constant flow of time. The act of taking a photograph may be immediate/instant (like pointing and shooting a gun) but its results are timeless. One could say that by photographically recording “reality” one acquires the ability to slow down time and “immortalize” a transient moment. In L’Acte Photographique  Phillipe Dubois suggests that the act of taking a photograph is “an instantaneous abduction of the object out of the world into another world, into another kind of time”.