Saturday, August 16, 2014

The "Abstraction" paintings

This series of paintings represents the artist’s obscure inner condition in pursuit of individuality and the “absolute”. This work was the result of “inner unrest” and an overwhelming desire to express the ineffable -a kind of “mirroring” of the inner self into the material environment.

The paintings could be best described as self-signifying, self-referential entities which speak in a cryptic “imagistic” language. Potentially, the paintings could function as “portals” which transport the viewer to the realm of pure aesthetic and intellectual speculation.

There are three key recurring motifs: circular shapes, dark-coloured backgrounds and three-dimensional objects. The circle is a symbol of wholeness/ perfection and refers to the discovery of transcendental awareness. The dark backgrounds symbolize primordial emptiness, the void and the unconscious. Out of the “emptiness” emerge three-dimensional objects which with their “materiality” disrupt the two-dimensional surface of the canvas. By being incorporated into the artwork these discarded objects become “sublimated”- their formal reality is transcended and they are transformed into symbols of spiritual consciousness.

Construction 4 (mixed media, 60x50cm)
Construction 8 (mixed media, 60x50cm)
Transrational Domain (mixed media, 60x50cm)
Subsignals (mixed media, 60x50cm)
Transcendental Imagination (mixed media, 40x40cm)
Merge (mixed media, 40x40cm)

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