Tuesday, December 1, 2015

f-stop magazine #74 (Telling Stories)

Four photographs from "Constructed Narratives, Imagined Realities" featured in f-stop photography magazine issue #74 Dec 2015-Jan 2016 (Telling Stories).


Monday, November 23, 2015

Work in Progress (23-11-2015)

"The various definitions of congruence describe a situation where a state of harmony and agreement is perceived or achieved. There is a governing notion of similarity, albeit a strange one: it is not a complete equivalence, nor a complete disjunction. Furthermore, in psychology, the concept of congruence is more related to «genuiness», realness and to interpersonal relationships that are true and «transparent», having no «front», no facade... In architecture and design, congruence can be encountered and perceived as a transcendental trait, which has the capability of being constantly adapted and transformed, according to any specific situation or design problem that must be faced and tackled."

Text by Spyridon Kaprinis

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Constructed Narratives, Imagined Realities

Art-making is not about telling the truth but making the truth felt.

(Christian Boltanski)

Constructed Narratives, Imagined Realities is a series of manipulated vintage photographs, found photographs/texts and personal photographs. This work tackles universal themes such as love, family, war, death and issues such as time, memory, myth and history.
Due to the treatment of the images and their combination with obscure handwritten text the viewer is not quite sure what he/she is looking at. One could perhaps imagine that these are pages from a photo-album, a personal journal, a historical archive or an illustrated book. The boundaries between truth and fiction are deliberately blurred allowing the beholder to give birth to various meanings and associations.
For this project the value of the image as artistic artefact and creative construct is more important than the authorship of the writings and the "truthfulness" of the photographs. The ambiguous relationship between picture and text creates an uncertain environment which challenges the spectator's emotional, intellectual and imaginative faculties.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Photometria 2015 (Thessaloniki)

“Faith” group show at “OKTO” photogallery (Thessaloniki, Mitropoleos 125).
Private view 15 Sep 2015 (8 pm). Duration: 16 Sep-25 Sep (Mon-Fri, 10am-8pm).

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Photometria Festival 2015 (Faith)

An exhibition of 25 photos based on the theme of "Faith". Held at the Municipal Cultural Multiplex (old slaughterhouses) of Ioannina from 27 May to 7 June 2015. The exhibition will travel to eleven Greek cities.
Photometria Festival is a cross-cultural meeting point bringing together ideas, traditions, worldviews and expressive media from all over the world. It includes a network of several cities across Greece and four European countries.

Friday, April 10, 2015


Σαν όνειρο μες σ’όνειρο
Κυλάει η ζωή
Σαν να μη ζήσαμε ποτέ
Σε τούτη εδώ τη γη

Thursday, April 9, 2015


Μάταια όλα
Μάταιη η ζωή
  Μάταιος ο θάνατός μας

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Work in Progess: Memorial Chapel


Μαύρο Κοράκι
Μου τρώει τα σωθικά
Θαρρείς μ’ανθρώπινη λαλιά
Mιλά για μένα ειρωνικά

Τι γίνεται με σένα
Δεν έχεις όρεξη να ζήσεις
Τάχα με ρίμες και ρητά
Τη θλίψη θα ξορκίσεις

Σαδιστικά με τυραννά
Και με κοιτά καχύποπτα
Ο φτερωτός ο δαίμονας
Προάγγελος του τίποτα

Οι σκέψεις οι κακόμοιρες
Το στόμα σου φιμώνουν
Οι ποταπές οι έγνοιες
Τις ώρες σου σκοτώνουν

Του μάταιου τούτου κόσμου
Με τρώει το σαράκι
Με βασανίζει ολημερίς
Το Μαύρο το Κοράκι